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About Christie

Christie is a talented and passionate jewellery designer, crafter, and goldsmith. His passion for jewellery design and manufacturing has led to making personalised handcrafted jewellery for both local and international clients.

He started making jewellery at the young age of 12. He was introduced to a German Designer and goldsmith. After seeing what the designer did, he instantly realized that is what he wanted to do with his life.

He studied Jewellery Design and Distribution at the Durban University of Technology and started to work at a jeweler in Bloemfontein to gain more practical skills and sales techniques.


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8,4 ct Blue sapphire and diamond ring important ring


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Tanzanite Collection

oval tanzanite ring
Blue topaz and sapphire Ring
tanzanite earrings
tanzanite pendant1
Marquise cut Tanzanite
Tanzanite drop earrings

Diamond Collection

Diamond pendant-004
Custom gold and diamond ring
diamond and emerald earrings
moonstone diamond earrings
exclusive two diamond set
black diamond pendant

The Diamond Chart

The 4 C’s in the diamond industry refer to the:

> Cuts of diamonds
>Carat weight
Each category will determine the price of a diamond

1) Cuts- There are quite a few different cuts available. All of them work on Demand and availability and you will find that Round Brilliant cut is still the most popular cut and therefore about 5% higher in price

2) Carat Weight- The bigger you the more expensive the diamond will be. Diamonds are in different sizes and will go up in dollars per carat
From 0,30ct to 0,39ct is the same $/carat price bracket
0,40ct to 0,49ct again in the same $/carat price bracket
0,50ct up to 0,69ct in the same $/carat price bracket
0,70ct up to 0,89ct in the same $/carat price bracket
0,90ct up to 0,99ct in the same $/carat price bracket
1,00ct up to 1,49ct in the same $/carat price bracket
1.50ct up to 1,99ct in the same $/carat price bracket
and so on

3) Colour- it is purely your preference and the whiter or higher the colour the higher the price per carat. The lower, more to the yellow side of the chart, it will go lower in price
Then the colour will go over to Fancy colour diamonds. Please ask more about Fancy colours

4) Clarity- Starting with IF for Internal Flawless down to I3
Each step down is in a different price bracket. It will depend on you as a client from where you will see the flaw inside the diamond easy with your naked eye so the higher you go the higher the price per carat will be.


Please note that diamond proportions are just as important as one of the 4C’s
A too shallow diamond will look bigger than an Excellent cut. But the excellent cut will have more value. Your light reflection will be the best.
This is in short how the guide work but please feel free to ask more questions

Exclusive Gemstone Collection

Light smokey Quartz Ring1
Morganite Ring1
Morganite (and black diamonds) Pendant
Fancy exclusive gemstone ring
Blue topaz briolette cut
Smokey Quartz Drop Earrings

What Our Clients Say

Christie is a very skilled and talented jewelry designer. His designs are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. He should be contacted if you are in the market for customized jewelry.

Kobus Vaneyk

Excellent service from Christie. He is a very talented designer/jeweler and really understood my needs. Has a variety of stones and ready-made jewelry too at great prices.

Roy Henderson

I received excellent service and my custom-made ring was made to perfection. You are my first and only choice jeweler. Thank you, Christie.

Neels Jordaan